Playboy Partners With Lovers to Launch First Sex Toy Line

Photo by Lovers used with permission

When we think of pleasure, often the Playboy name comes to mind. It’s always surprised me that they’ve never dived into the sex toy side of the industry. In November, one of my favorite PR firms asked if I would be interested in receiving a box of goodies from the launch of of a brand new line of pleasure products ahead of this announcement. Let me tell you, it’s been hard keeping it a secret! 

As of today, I no longer have to keep it hush-hush! 

Lovers announces sex toy line collaboration with Playboy

Playboy, the iconic lifestyle brand synonymous with bold desire and freedom of expression, officially launches Playboy Pleasure, its highly anticipated, first foray into the Sex Toy space, available exclusively at Lovers and 

Lovers is a female-founded, PLBY Group-owned Sexual Wellness brand and retailer helping people reach their greatest pleasure potential. Playboy Pleasure’s inclusive, ‘for everyone’ line of 34 high-end Sex Toys and Sexual Wellness products includes Thrusters, G-Spot & Rabbit Vibrators, Wands, Kegel Balls, Cock Rings, Strokers, Anal Toys, Prostate Massagers, Lubricants, and Sex Toy Cleaner with on-trend jewel tones and pastel colors, along with shimmering, pearlescent colors & packaging. 

Playboy Pleasure Sex Toys, each discreetly adorned with the iconic Rabbit Head Design, evoke the freedom to play, and boast a variety of innovative, avant-garde features. The collection includes Vibrators with heating, tapping and thrusting functions, along with massaging rings, a spinning Anal Plug, multi-motor Cock Rings, toys with flickering tongues & a first-of-its-kind flapper shaft for the G-Spot, ergonomic features, and more! 

The collection ranges in price from $26-$200.

Photo by author, created in Canva

I was lucky to receive a plethora of these new products in a gift box from Lovers ahead of today’s announcement, and though I won’t use today’s announcement to review them individually, I will give you some highlights.

Photo by Playboy, used with permission

The Palm is made of velvet-smooth silicone and offers two ways to play in one innovative toy. Shaped to fit comfortably in your hand and against your body, the wider end delivers a focused tapping sensation, while the tapered end provides powerful vibrations. Designed for a variety of positions, you can hold Palm against you, or place it beneath you and grind. Two independent motors deliver 10 speeds and rhythms for a combination of pleasure. 

Photo by Playboy used with permission

Rapid Rabbit is one of the most unique looking toys I’ve seen in awhile — and that’s saying something. At first glance, it looks like a traditional rabbit vibrator, then you notice it has an extra bit, plus the shaft is a lot longer than most. The elongated shaft is for deeper penetration and A-spot stimulation, while the extra bit, their unique flapper shaft, can be used internally for g-spot stimulation, or externally. 

Add focus to your g-spot with the 10 flapping speeds and rhythms. Complete the triad of pleasure with the 7 powerful clitoral sensations in the external stimulator. Made of velvet-smooth silicone, discover new pleasures with this unique Rabbit Vibrator. 

Don’t worry, if this all seems too much, don’t worry, the next toy in this new line is a little more ‘traditional rabbit’ and may be more up your alley.

Photo by Playboy used with permission

Thumper, such a perfect name for a rabbit vibrator! Especially when you learn it does just that — once you insert this vibe and press it against your g-spot, even firmly, it thumps away for targeted stimulation. Easy-to-use controls allow you to explore the features independently — just vibration or just tapping — or experience the best of both worlds when you use them together. The external bunny arm stimulates the clitoris with 10 powerful vibration speeds and rhythms.

Photo by Playboy used with permission

Petal is not only beautiful, but I love that it can be used anywhere you’d like oral-like pleasure. It’s a unique vibrator made of velvet-smooth silicone that delivers the ultimate combination of intense vibrations and precise stimulation from its flicking tongue. Ideal for clitoral, vaginal, and anal play, place the rose head where you want to feel it most and explore its 9 speeds and patterns, or try the stem!

Photo by Playboy used with permission

The Spinning Tail Teaser (far right in green) is a vibrating butt plug with a textured, twirling design. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it also rotates in a circular motion, for added fullness and stimulation — its weight and shape add to this feeling as well. Explore 7 vibrating speeds and rhythms hands-free thanks to a simple remote control. 

As of today’s launch, there are 34 products in the initial collection and they can all be found exclusively in Lovers Stores online and in person. Beginning January 19–22, shoppers can enjoy 20 percent off sitewide* with code ALL20, which includes this Playboy Pleasure collection. All of the toys in the Playboy Pleasure line boast a 5 year warranty. *Standard exclusions apply.

If you’re as excited as I am about this launch and decide to order something from this exceptional line of products, feel free to check them out using my links beginning on the 19th so you can save 20 percent off! I know it’s hard to wait, but it’s so worth it. Just bookmark the links and set a reminder.

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