Best Places to Buy Sex Toys and Wellness Items

There are so many sites to buy sex toys online, it can be difficult to know where the best places are to get what you’re looking for. While there are specialty stores that offer niche designs if that’s what you’re after and larger shops who seem to have it all, it really comes down to a few important factors beyond that when choosing where to shop.

How to decide where to buy sex toys online

  1. Does the shop provide what you’re looking for?–This may seem like a no brainer, but if you’re in the market for multiple sex toys and/or sexual wellness items at once, it makes sense to shop at a larger provider for your needs this particular shopping trip if possible. Online shops like Betty’s Toy Box (and their sister shops, Naughty North for Canadian buyers and Naughty Betty’s for kinky gear), Lovehoney, and Lovers Stores have a wide selection of toys from various companies to choose from. However, if you’re searching for a more niche item, like a hand held sex machine (or thruster), then you’ll want to shop somewhere like Velvet Co. 
  2. How do they treat their staff? What’s their reputation?–These might not be questions you can easily answer, but a quick google search can usually turn up some answers. I can personally tell you, Fun Factory has a reputation for not only being a great place to work, but they’re also an ethical company who does their best to source locally, their factory is low emissions, and they take providing quality toys seriously. Buying sex toys from a small business is another good practice, and Velvet Co fits that  bill. They’re literally a Mom and Pop company…and daughter! They’re also the owners of Boutique Voila, providing a little bit of everything, including L’Acier, the world’s first vibrating stainless steel dildo. Purchasing products from companies who don’t treat their staff well, who engage in sexism, racism, shame people’s bodies, and who don’t use body safe products, or if they just don’t seem to care if their product can harm* folks, just isn’t cool. 
  3. Are they not Amazon?–I kind of harp on this, but I have a serious issue with purchasing sex toys on Amazon. Here’s why–not all, but a lot of sex toy sellers on Amazon get their 5 stars reviews in a very shady way. They require them from anyone they send a toy to in exchange for a review, so clearly they can’t be trusted. Materials listed aren’t always factual. And some items are counterfeit. Can you purchase anything from Amazon in the sexuality sphere? Yes! Lube (please ask, or do your own research about what ingredients are safe. I’m happy to help), condoms, books!


Where I Buy Sex Toys Online

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Retailers who sell multiple products:

Betty’s Toy Box (Naughty North for my Canadian readers) and their sister site Naughty Betty’s for BDSM items, is a boutique where you can buy sex toys online, founded by women, for every body. “Betty’s Toy Box was founded on one core idea – that sex should be enjoyed without reservation, judgment, or guilt. We were determined to bring high quality products, the kinds of products our own staff use, to our customers in a casual, safe, fun, informative, inclusive and sex-positive atmosphere.” Use code DEMI to receive 10 percent off your order.

Lovers Stores is an omni channel business that operates 41 stores in five states, and provides a robust digital brand and shopping experience online. Originally founded over 40 years ago by a mother and daughter team in Seattle, when women weren’t encouraged to be entrepreneurs, prioritize their pleasure, or even have a presence in a largely male dominated sex toy industry. Lovers is the exclusive retailer for the newly released Playboy Pleasure brand.

Lovehoney is an international award winning sex toy retailer who’s been in business for 21 years. Their orders are shipped discreet from warehouses in the US, UK, and Australia, so no matter where you are in the world, there’s sure to be a place close to you an item can ship from. That means faster availability of what you want in a box that doesn’t disclose what’s inside. Have a question about your order or something you’re interested in purchasing, but concerned a representative may not speak your language? Lovehoney has customer service representatives who speak English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish and Welsh. 

The Stockroom–The Stockroom is the original internet source for quality sex toys online and selling to tech-savvy fans of kink since 1990. Providing quality, custom made leather goods, e-stim toys, and much more. This is the go-to source for BDSM beginners and aficionados alike. Shopping with my link gets you 10 percent off.

Amazon–Please don’t buy sex toys here, but bulk condoms, body safe lubricant, and erotica are all cool. And of course, your regularly scheduled Amazon stuff. 

Buy Direct From the Manufacturer

Fun Factory– responsibly manufactured in Germany, with fair labor practices and a tiny carbon footprint, because ethics are sexy. In 1996, engineering grads Dirk Bauer and Michael Pahl sat down at Dirk’s kitchen table with a sketch pad and some Play-Doh to design the first ever body-safe, non-phallic, harness-compatible dildo. The rest is history. Fun Factory was the first to create medical grade silicone toys, the first to make waterproof and rechargeable vibes, and more. They’re true innovators in the sexual wellness industry and they’re still going.

Velvet Co– is a true Mom and Pop (and daughter!) owned company, so when you shop with them, you’re definitely supporting a small business. If you’ve ever wanted to own a sex machine, but didn’t want to spend the big bucks or have limited space, their hand-held thrusters are a perfect solution. You can grab a pre-designed option or build your own.  They’re also the owners of Boutique Voila and L’Acier, (the only stainless steel vibrators) and Gleam lube brands.

Zumio is very niche, they literally only sell four different clitoral stimulators–and they’re unlike any other toy on the market. They don’t vibrate, they spin. Choose from the Sadie, Ethel, Xena, or Iyana based on the way you want your stimulation. The pressure-sensitive stem instantly responds by how hard or soft you press your Zumio against the body. Unique SpiroTip™ rotates in tiny circles creating satisfying stimulation without any buzzing or numbing sensation.

Love Not War is one of the most unique places I’ve found to buy sex toys due to their commitment to eco and sustainable recycled material. I also love the toys themselves–using one battery to power as many heads as you’d like!

MysteryVibe is a company built on medical foundations. Bringing 2 decades of defense engineering expertise to the field, they’ve built vibrators using science that targets your pleasure centers not only to give you orgasms, but that also can be used to lessen pain in pelvic pain disorders, increase blood flow, and help with erectile dysfunction. 

Foria is my go-to for CBD infused oil based lubricant, but they also have a lovely line of botanicals with no CBD for those who don’t want the CBD. They also have suppositories, breast oil, arousal oil, and bath salts. Just don’t use their products with condoms.

Erotica and Porn

Erika Lust and company-Erika Lust has been creating ethical porn since 2013. She is an award-winning filmmaker creating sex-positive, indie adult cinema that portrays sexually intelligent narratives, relatable characters and realistic hot sex. In an industry that often fails to show a true representation of sex, Erika’s focus on female pleasure, cinematic values, diversity, and an ethical production process, have helped to change how pornography is consumed. Her suite of companies, XConfessions, The Store, Lust Cinema, and Else Cinema, have a little something for everyone, all while maintaining her brand of quality and sex positivity. was created by renowned director Angie Rowntree. This beautifully rendered site features ethical, award winning, feminist porn, erotica, and photography for members only. 

Steamy Lit is a subscription box service unlike anything you’ve purchased before. Their mission at Steamy Lit is to provide women romance authors of color and non-binary/genderqueer authors a platform to amplify their voices through their work while also empowering discourse around sexuality. The ultimate goal is for you to embrace your sexuality and celebrate self-love. You can choose from three options, book only, no vibes (books and products), or full box (books, products, and vibe). 

When you buy sex toys using my affiliate links, not only will you get quality products, you’ll also be supporting my work, as I may earn a small commission.