When a new toy enters the market, I’m often a bit leery. I mean, how many different designs can people come up with that will actually work? But I’m also a curious cat, so when I see something totally different than any toy I’ve used before, I really want to try it out. The Snail, by Freedom Novelties, caught my attention immediately. I’ve never seen another toy out there anything like it and I had to try one. I’ll admit, partly because I wasn’t even sure exactly HOW you would use it!

What is a Snail?

Well, it looks exactly as you would expect based on the name (but not slimy, I promise). It’s shaped like, well, a snail. At first, I wasn’t 100 percent sure how to work this thing, but it comes with an instruction manual, and Betty’s Toy Box, who provided this item in exchange for an honest review, also has instructions and video on their site.I may have spent more than a few minutes trying to figure out how I was going to get this thing inside my body. But once I stopped being stubborn and actually read the instructions, it was a simple thing. For reference, the left side (shown in the photo) is what you insert. If that was blatantly obvious to you, please keep that to yourself. 🙂
One of the coolest features of the Snail is the ball that rests against your clitoris STAYS where you want it. This toy has been compared to a rabbit vibrator, in the way that it gives you internal and external stimulation simultaneously, but I can tell you from years of experience, rabbit vibes don’t always stay where you put them. The clitoral stimulation from a rabbit is very targeted, and the ‘ears’ tend to slip off or just flat out move when you’re using the vibrator to thrust. Personally, I find the ears to be a little too targeting, so when I saw the design of the Snail, I was excited to see if the larger surface area of the ball would give a different kind of sensation.

Trust me, it does.

The Snail has two motors, one in each ball. They operate independent of one another, so if you like more vibration internally (or externally) you can set each motor to a different speed and pattern. Both motors have 5 speeds and 5 vibration patterns, which give over 600 combinations for you to choose from. I’m a simple gal and I doubt I’ll ever go through all those combinations, but they’re nice to have. Controlling the Snail is simple. The buttons are on the lower ball, which also doubles as a hand hold, and are raised enough to be easy to find while you’re using the toy.
So, what are the vibrations like? One of my go-to toys for clitoral stimulation is my Magic Wand. It’s rumbly vibrations just can’t be beat, for me, so I was pleasantly surprised to find the Snail boasts similar power. Couple that with the insertion capability of a good dildo, and you just can’t go wrong.

What I love is that it’s all one toy. I’m not the most coordinated person on the planet. Sure, I have two hands, but trying to please myself with a dildo for insertion and a wand for clitoral stimulation does nothing but frustrate me. And now, I don’t have to worry about it. The Snail provides both in one!

After charging for the recommended 2 hours, I decided it was time to give this toy a try. It’s made from silicone, so water based lube is your best bet. I took a few minutes to play with the settings and make sure I knew where the buttons were, then sat back to enjoy the ride.

Then my mother in law called to let me know she was on her way to bring dinner. Nothing like coitus interuptus! I guess I should be thankful she called, otherwise, she would have really interrupted my fun when she knocked on the door.

Two hours later, I was finally alone again and ready to get started. The mood had dissipated somewhat, mothers in law tend to do that, so I turned on some relaxing music, lit a candle, and got ready, again.
Let me say, it was worth the wait. In all my years of using sexual wellness items, I’ve never used a toy that performed so well. Even with vigorous thrusting, the ball for clitoral stimulation never stopped providing vibration nor did it slip and slide away from its targeted spot. Since it’s pretty wide, it covered every place I could imagine wanting vibration with ease.

For those with a very sensitive clit, be aware, even the lowest setting on this portion of the vibrator is fairly strong. I would say it’s similar to the low setting on a Magic Wand. I found that starting off with the lowest setting on that ball and moving up to the third worked well for me.

Specs of The Snail

  • Made of body safe silicone
  • 2 hours charging, 1 hour play
  • USB rechargeable (pin connector)
  • 5 vibration modes, 5 speeds
  • 100 percent waterproof
  • Comes in pink or purple
  • Awesome storage case included (It looks identical to my storage case for the Nintendo Switch!)
  • Insertable length: 6 inches Width: 1 1/3 inches

Pros and Cons of The Snail

Nothing is perfect, but this toy comes pretty close. I love the dual stimulation for blended orgasms, and have definitely squirted a few times while using it. Although the clitoral stimulation ball moves, unfurling as you thrust the toy, there isn’t any ‘give’ to the rest of the toy. The insertable portion is rigid. This isn’t a con for me, but I can see where it may be uncomfortable for some bodies. Cleaning the toy is a bit of a trick, you need to be sure you’re getting into the curves and bends of the toy and ultimately, rinse all your cleaner away as well. I highly recommend drying this toy when you’ve finished cleaning it, instead of leaving it to dry. There are some nooks and crannies I would be fearful wouldn’t dry completely on their own.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, this has quickly become my favorite toy. I love that I can get myself off quickly with it if I choose, or take the time to really romance myself. It works beautifully for me in both regards and has earned its place in my nightstand. That’s a big thing for me, considering lack of space.

If you would like to get your own Snail, you can head over to Betty’s Toy Box now and use my code, DEMI to get 10 percent off your entire order. This article contains affiliate links, so not only will you get a fantastic item, you’ll also be supporting my work.

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