Last year, I was contacted by Hismith about testing a full-size sex machine. And I love it, but it’s definitely bulky and heavy. I live in a very confined space at this point and setting up and using the Hismith machine is more trouble than it’s worth. For the last few months, the only time we break it out is when we get the opportunity to get to a hotel room. I wanted something that was more portable and didn’t take up half my floor space. The Sohimi Remote Controlled Sex Machine checks those boxes.

What is a Remote Controlled Sex Machine?

This particular model reminds me more of a thrusting vibrator than a sex machine. The biggest difference is, the dildo moves using the mechanism inside the larger part of the machine, not independently. It’s telescoping, moving up and down only. The base, which is used to power the dildo, has an attachable suction cup, so you can stick it pretty much anywhere. I tested it on my wall and floor and it stayed where I put it for the length of time I needed it.


Automatic Telescopic and 10 Vibration Modes: The telescopic distance is about 4 cm, with three thrusting speeds, and 6 telescopic modes. It also has 10 vibration modes which vibrate the dildo.

Wireless Remote Control: Wireless remote control, with a sensing distance of about four meters.

Suction Cup: Holds about 2 kg of weight and sticks most anywhere. It can be rotated up to 150°.

Portable & Charging: Detachable design, the dildo can be separated from the base. Convenient to carry and easy to clean. Charge for about 2-3 hours, and can be used for about 2 hours.


I like that it comes with it’s own dildo, so you don’t have to purchase something extra in order to use the toy. The powerful suction cup hasn’t let me down so far, and I haven’t been gentle with it. The 150 degree rotation allowed by the suction base is helpful to get things exactly where you need it for a good time. The price point is great for a portable sex machine, only $69.99, whereas the full size machine I own retails for about $650. It’s easy to clean since the dildo is detachable. It’s coated in silicone and can easily be washed with soap and warm water. Using the remote is easy and makes having fun a lot smoother, as you can hold the remote in your hand and dial things up or down to your preferences. Or, you can hand over control to a partner.


Even though it comes with a dildo, which is nice, it’s the only one you can use with this machine. It has a special connector, so you can’t just swap out dildos when you want. The dildo itself is not malleable at all. I’m not sure what the core is made of (it’s definitely not all silicone). The interior is hard and could be painful if you’re not careful the position you use it in. Not so horrible, but taking almost 3 hours to charge for only 2 hours of play is a bit much. I found that you don’t really get 2 hours either, the machine will start to slow down around the 1 hour mark.

Who Should Own This Sex Machine?

I wanted to be able to say using this on cam for cam girls or other fansite models was ideal, and it can be. However, unlike the machines made specifically to tie into your chat program, your customers won’t be able to control this machine. It could still be used as something different to entice new customers into your chat room or live shows. Anyone who enjoys thrusting while masturbating would benefit from this toy. It’s not really suited to M/F coupled play.

For the price, it’s a nice, powerful toy, as long as you understand the limitations. It would be great for someone who’s never owned one, who doesn’t mind one size dildo, and plans to use it for less than an hour at a time.

If you would like to get your own, it’s available on Sohimi’s website. Use my code DEMI to get 10 percent off your entire order.

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