Adorime provided this sex toy free of charge, in exchange for an honest review. All links provided are affiliate links, so not only will you get a quality toy, you’ll also be supporting my work.

While shopping via Amazon can be tricky when it comes to sex toys (there are a lot of low quality toys, and copies of larger name brand items), I’ve had an ongoing relationship with Adorime for about a year now, and have always received high quality original toys from their company. Recently, they sent us this adorable pink couple’s vibrator to test.

At first glance, this toy appears to be a larger cock ring. And it can be used just as simply as that. Place the toy on your partner’s penis, and enjoy sex how you usually do, with some rumbly vibrations added! Unlike most cock rings, the Adorime Couple’s Vibrator isn’t a closed circle. It’s horseshoe shaped, which allows for greater flexibility regarding penis size and what you can do with the toy, other than using it as a cock ring.

When my husband and I tried this the first time, we figured we would use it as a cock ring and go from there. We placed it with the ends point up, so during missionary, they would hopefully hit my clit. It worked! Every stroke touched my clit with rumbling vibrations and definitely added to the pleasure we both felt.

We wanted to see how it felt if the ends pointed downward, and he wasn’t disappointed. I could still feel the vibrations, since it vibrates the entire toy, but they weren’t pinpointed to my clit. For those with sensitive clit’s, this may be your best option for use. For him, the pinpointed vibrations targeting his scrotum were excellent.

You can also use this toy alone. It’s fairly flexible, I found, so I could open it up a bit, insert one end into my vagina, while using the other end to stimulate my clit. I like toys that are multiuse!

Why the Adorime Couple’s Vibrator is a Winner

For us, having toys we can both use and enjoy is a plus. Sure, I’m the one who plays with toys more often than not, but being able to incorporate our toys during playtime together is always a win-win situation. The Adorime Couple’s Vibrator allows us both to feel the pleasures it offers, while also being a solo use toy.

It comes with a magnetic USB charger, which enables this toy to be 100% waterproof (no holes for charging!). It takes about an hour to come to a full charge when you receive it, and about an hour and half from completely dead. So far, we’ve played with it for close to an hour at a time and still had plenty of battery.

You can wash it easily and even submerge it. So, bathtime fun is completely okay! I do recommend drying it well, especially on the metal connections for the charger, so as not to accumulate rust.

This toy also comes with a remote control, so you can control the 9 variations of vibration while your partner is wearing it.

Overall, this is a high quality toy, for a reasonable price. Right now, it’s $27 through Adorime’s shop on Amazon, with free shipping for Prime members.