The Lovense Hush butt plug is a smooth, sexy, powerful toy designed to stimulate all your anal pleasure spots. It comes in two sizes, small and medium. The main selling point of this butt plug, compared to others on the market, is Hush can give you pleasure from a distance. It’s a remote-controlled toy, operated from yours or your partner’s cell phone.

The Bluetooth chip inside the toy connects to your phone, and your partner’s phone, so you can control it via Wi-Fi.

Who Is Hush For?

Lovense Hush butt plug is designed for solo play, discreet public play, and long distance couples – it’s a good option for an intense boost when you’re having sex, for sexy foreplay, or for those times when your partner is out of town and you need a solo session.

How Does the Lovense Hush Work?

The Lovense Hush butt plug is compatible with both Android and iPhone. In order to hook up, you download the Lovense app from the store. Turn on the toy and check it’s working by seeing the flashing light; it also buzzes to let you know it’s connected.

Then you follow the instructions on the app to find and connect the toy. It’s quite simple. However, if you choose to use it with your PC, you will need to purchase a USB Bluetooth Adapter to connect. Mac’s don’t require the additional item.

To connect with a partner you go to the “Long Distance” tab on the app, and tap to add a contact. They get an email from you with the request and once they have accepted they will show up in the “Long Distance” tab. There’s a messaging section where you can let each other know you’re ready to play, and you can adjust settings for each partner to allow auto-play or control.

Pros and Cons of the Hush

The smooth, inviting body-safe silicone feels just right, and the matte finish is stylish and modern. The butt plug itself is weighty without being hefty. It comes in two sizes, small and medium, so one is sure to work for your needs.

The power on/off button is on the base of the toy and it is not immediately obvious. You also have to hold it down for a few seconds to turn it on or turn it off, but this is a good thing as it prevents the toy switching itself off when you’re sitting down.

The vibrations are definitely strong. You have multiple patterns to choose from, and 3 vibration levels.

You can also use the app on your phone or computer. Tap or slide the screen to control the vibrations, moving your finger up and down, and it is really responsive – a bit too responsive sometimes, as taking your finger off the app brings the fun to an abrupt end. It seems to work best when you record your own short sequence, which then plays on and on automatically. You can create as many patterns as you like. Or you can just put it on pure and simple vibrate, when you’re not feeling creative. Great when you want to let it take over.

Speaking of taking over, the Lovense Hush butt plug is ideal for long-distance relationships. So long as you both have an internet connection, it works, no matter if you’re on the other side of the world. They control the vibrations on their screen, setting up the patterns and deciding how fast, slow, or majorly intense they want the toy to go. And it also works with the element of surprise – keep it in and your partner can give you a buzz whenever they feel like it.

It seems like Hush is an excellent option when you want to switch between controlling the toy from a long distance or from close range. The connection seems to be pretty stable and you don’t have to keep your phone right next to you either.

The silicone is also completely waterproof so you can shower with this thing in, or just leave it in with plenty of lube and don’t have to worry about damage.

It is created for wearability above all else, and the makers say you can keep it in for long periods of time as you get your regular day done. It is pretty quiet, but it’s not silent. You can definitely hear it when it’s on a full vibe and it’s inside you. It’s discreet enough to be worn in a busy public place but I wouldn’t want it on when things were quiet.

The sound-activated vibe is fun! Any noise will activate it, so keep that in mind.

The Bottom Line

This is a luxury toy with so many features, you can’t go wrong. Lovense has taken a lot of time to perfect their technology and it shows. Using the app is simple and doesn’t require any special equipment or knowledge (as long as you’re not using with a PC). You can stimulate yourself with the app or give over the controls to your partner for extra fun.

If butt plugs aren’t your thing, Lovense also has the Lush, which is made specifically for women (for vaginal wear) and offers a lot of the same features.

Either way you go, you can’t make a bad choice, so why not purchase both? Imagine the feeling of being full, with two rock star toys, that your partner can control so you’re truly hands free. The Lovense Hush butt plug plus the Lush? Sounds like the perfect date night to me!

I don’t have a prostate, but I’m married to someone who does, so when Best Vibe asked me to review this inflatable prostate massager, I agreed. It’s marketed as a g-spot vibe as well, but we’ll talk about that more later.

The Look and Feel

This inflatable prostate massager is made from silicone and has a very smooth feel, which is a must when you’re planning to insert it into your rectum. The last thing you need is the feel of harsh seams or poorly made material.

Silicone is body safe. Please keep in mind, you’ll need something other than silicone lubricant for any silicone toy, as the two do not mix well at all. You’ll possibly end up with a melted toy and that’s never fun.

Upon unboxing, I noticed a decent heft to the item, which is good. It’s not too heavy, but heavy enough you’ll know it’s in your hand. It comes with a bit of juice already, but I went ahead and connected to the USB charger to get it up to capacity.

Playing with the Toy

Before involving my husband and his prostate, I wanted to get a feel for how the toy worked. I didn’t want to be in the middle of sexy time, figuring out which buttons to push.

The inflatable prostate massager comes with two buttons, power and pattern changing. Simply hold the power button down for a few seconds, and the toys comes on. You can press the other button to cycle through the available changes.

This toy is inflatable, but that doesn’t happen until you cycle through the patterns, so it’s nice to be able to turn it on and insert it, then get your fill, so to speak. I wanted to find out which cycle I thought was the best size for a beginner to prostate pleasure, so I played with them all before we got down to business.

Once we got into our evening, I broke out this toy to use during foreplay. I carefully lubed and inserted, then began giving him oral. When he was nice and turned on, then I cycled to the appropriate setting.

How well does an inflatable prostate massager work?

As a prostate massager, it’s aces. My biggest concern was getting it inflated too much, but since I took the time to cycle through our options ahead of time, it wasn’t a concern. It’s the perfect length to reach the prostate and according to my husband, puts the right amount of pressure on it.

You can slide it in and out slightly, once it’s inflated, but that’s up to you and your partner.

Now, as a g-spot stimulator, it’s a no go, at least for me. I find I need a toy that’s a bit longer than this in order to reach my g-spot and provide the pressure needed for orgasm. We even tried it anally, to see if the pressure there would also press on my g-spot from behind and were unsuccessful. But with so many great g-spot specific products on the market, I wasn’t disappointed. I wanted this for him.

The Bottom Line

Overall, this is a nice toy for the price. It’s currently $32 through Best Vibe.

I love the USB charging, it comes with a cord (3.5 mm to insert into toy, USB to go in your charging port) but no power block, which is expected. I am not a fan of the magnetic charging via USB, so I was happy this wasn’t one of those. It takes about 2 hours to come to a full charge. We’ve played with it numerous times and it holds a charge for a good while.

It’s made of high grade silicone, which offers a smooth and soft feel, which is good. We’ve had the toy for about 6 months now, and so far, it still works beautifully. It’s waterproof, so it’s easy to clean with warm water and non-irritating soap.

The only con I can find is the inability to control the inflation more. The cycles aren’t much different from one another, beyond the vibration pattern. It would be nice to be able to choose the level of inflation beyond that. But for the price, I didn’t really expect much in the way of variety.

Best Vibe provided this toy to me in exchange for an honest review. None of the links contained herein are affiliate links.