This is my first participation in Molly’s KOTW (Kink of the Week). This week’s entry is about Voyeurism, one of my favorite kinks, right along with it’s counterpart, exhibitionism. I was a swinger for a number of years and am currently in a polyamorous relationship with my husband and our girlfriend. Although I don’t get the chance to flex my voyeuristic muscles as much as I’d like these days, COVID and all, I do have a fairly recent experience I’d like to share.

I’ve known our girlfriend for almost 15 years, but she hasn’t been our girlfriend for that long. We worked together in an escort agency years ago and also played together off and on throughout that time over the years. When my husband and I discussed bringing another person into our relationship, she’s the first person I thought of. I knew I could trust her, I always enjoyed our time together, and she’s a stunning person inside and out. We talked a lot about what all of our expectations were and decided that getting together sounded like a good time. Thanks to COVID, it took awhile to get together, but we were finally able to make our schedules meet last year around October.

My current husband and I were never swingers, though we had a couple of threesomes with another woman in the past that were a lot of fun. I enjoyed watching the two of them together and playing with her myself, but it wasn’t a situation that I thought would last because of her relationship status, so I wasn’t surprised when it tapered off. Although I had been a swinger years ago, voyeurism wasn’t always something I was into. My partner at the time wasn’t the right person I came to realize, which contributed significantly to why I didn’t enjoy watching him in particular with other people, though I did enjoy watching other people having sex.

Being in a room full of people having sex was like watching live action porn and it was hot. Knowing there was an opportunity for me to potentially join in made it even hotter. I was concerned that watching my husband with our girlfriend would pose an issue for me, considering there were feelings involved beyond the sexual. But I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The fact that we worked towards a deeper friendship and relationship with Kira before the three of us got into bed together made watching my husband with our girlfriend an even hotter experience. It made me want them to get closer, physically and otherwise. I know what a good lover they both are, so watching them pleasure one another turned me on immensely, knowing what their bodies could do for each other.

It’s also taught me how to build sexual tension in our relationship. Not only when we’re spending time with our girlfriend, but also when it’s just us. We can tease one another by recounting the times we’ve spent with Kira, talking about what we’d like to try the next time the three of us are together, and trying new things.

Voyeurism in general is something I’ve learned to love. I enjoy watching others give and receive sexual pleasure, but most of all, I like watching those I love pleasuring one another.