The Hitachi Magic Wand (Original Magic Wand) is marketed as a personal massager, but we all know what we really use it for. Okay, I massage my entire body with it, but that’s definitely not why I bought it! When this item was released initially released in 1968 (yes, that long ago and still going STRONG), it was originally manufactured for relieving tension and relaxing sore muscles, but is most famous for its use as a sex toy.

Sex educator Betty Dodson popularized its use as a vibrator and masturbation aid for women during the sex-positive movement in the late 1960s. It functions effectively as a clitoral vibrator and is able to bring many people to orgasm. The wand is 12 inches (30 cm) long and weighs 1.2 pounds (540 g) with stimulation provided by its rubberized 2.5-inch (64 mm) head. This is important to note, as anything lighter is most likely a knock-off.

Be sure you’re getting the real thing.

Well known as the Cadillac of vibrators, the Original Magic Wand (as it’s now branded) is the world’s most recognizable sex toy.

What’s the Fuss About the Magic Wand?

I’ll admit, I’m a skeptic when it comes to the boasts of sex toy companies. Of course, they all want to sell their product. What impressed me the most about the Original Magic Wand is, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a bad review!

What makes this toy so popular is the type of vibrations it gives. They’re not buzzy at all, but rumbly, which for people like me, means an almost instant clitoral orgasm.

Though this toy isn’t made for insertion, you can purchase attachments that fit over the head to accommodate any insertion fantasy you may have. The covers also act as a barrier to the rubberized head (which is porous) to make clean up even easier.

There Has to be a Down Side, Right?

No toy is perfect, thought the Original Magic Wand comes close. But it does have its downsides. The head is made of rubberized material, not body safe silicone. It can’t be exposed to water at all, so cleaning is not the easiest. We recommend a soft, wrung out cloth to wipe it down after use. You can also spray a toy cleaner directly on the cloth and clean.

The Original Magic Wand is corded, which limits your movements a bit. The cord is six feet long, so you have a bit of wiggle room, but not much. There is a cordless version available now, which also features a silicone head, so it’s close to perfect.

If you’re looking for a discrete toy, this is not the one. It is LOUD. If you cover yourself with a blanket during use, it cuts down on the noise a bit, but not much. So if you need something your neighbors or housemates won’t hear, this isn’t the toy for you.

It’s recommended for use up to 20 minutes, otherwise, you run the risk of it over-heating. From personal experience, I can tell you, it does begin to get warm around the 15-20 minute mark.

But for me, that’s not a huge deal when I’m using it for clitoral stimulation. Why? Because never has it taken even 15 minutes for me to cum with this toy. Ever. If I get close to that mark, I’ve already had multiple orgasms.

The Bottom Line

Overall, this is a must have for any sex toy connoisseur. I highly recommend everyone have one in their bedside table. Being honest, if for some reason this toy doesn’t do it for you sexually, you’ll have one helluva powerful personal massager on your hands. I really do use it both ways! My husband has enjoyed the vibrations before a back massage at least as many times as I’ve enjoyed the sexual pleasure it brings.

If you choose the Original Magic Wand, the price is around $60 USD, which isn’t unreasonable. If you upgrade to the Magic Wand Plus (which has a silicone head and cord you can store), you’re looking at around $80 USD. For the ultimate upgrade, there’s the Magic Wand Rechargeable, pricing around $129 USD.

Being honest, the Rechargeable is not really worth it for the cost, unless you’re adamant about not being corded. The Magic Wand Plus will be your best option for body safe material with rumbles you’ll feel for years.

The links contained herein are affiliate links. So, not only will you get a quality product, you’ll be supporting my work as well.

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The Lovense Hush butt plug is a smooth, sexy, powerful toy designed to stimulate all your anal pleasure spots. It comes in two sizes, small and medium. The main selling point of this butt plug, compared to others on the market, is Hush can give you pleasure from a distance. It’s a remote-controlled toy, operated from yours or your partner’s cell phone.

The Bluetooth chip inside the toy connects to your phone, and your partner’s phone, so you can control it via Wi-Fi.

Who Is Hush For?

Lovense Hush butt plug is designed for solo play, discreet public play, and long distance couples – it’s a good option for an intense boost when you’re having sex, for sexy foreplay, or for those times when your partner is out of town and you need a solo session.

How Does the Lovense Hush Work?

The Lovense Hush butt plug is compatible with both Android and iPhone. In order to hook up, you download the Lovense app from the store. Turn on the toy and check it’s working by seeing the flashing light; it also buzzes to let you know it’s connected.

Then you follow the instructions on the app to find and connect the toy. It’s quite simple. However, if you choose to use it with your PC, you will need to purchase a USB Bluetooth Adapter to connect. Mac’s don’t require the additional item.

To connect with a partner you go to the “Long Distance” tab on the app, and tap to add a contact. They get an email from you with the request and once they have accepted they will show up in the “Long Distance” tab. There’s a messaging section where you can let each other know you’re ready to play, and you can adjust settings for each partner to allow auto-play or control.

Pros and Cons of the Hush

The smooth, inviting body-safe silicone feels just right, and the matte finish is stylish and modern. The butt plug itself is weighty without being hefty. It comes in two sizes, small and medium, so one is sure to work for your needs.

The power on/off button is on the base of the toy and it is not immediately obvious. You also have to hold it down for a few seconds to turn it on or turn it off, but this is a good thing as it prevents the toy switching itself off when you’re sitting down.

The vibrations are definitely strong. You have multiple patterns to choose from, and 3 vibration levels.

You can also use the app on your phone or computer. Tap or slide the screen to control the vibrations, moving your finger up and down, and it is really responsive – a bit too responsive sometimes, as taking your finger off the app brings the fun to an abrupt end. It seems to work best when you record your own short sequence, which then plays on and on automatically. You can create as many patterns as you like. Or you can just put it on pure and simple vibrate, when you’re not feeling creative. Great when you want to let it take over.

Speaking of taking over, the Lovense Hush butt plug is ideal for long-distance relationships. So long as you both have an internet connection, it works, no matter if you’re on the other side of the world. They control the vibrations on their screen, setting up the patterns and deciding how fast, slow, or majorly intense they want the toy to go. And it also works with the element of surprise – keep it in and your partner can give you a buzz whenever they feel like it.

It seems like Hush is an excellent option when you want to switch between controlling the toy from a long distance or from close range. The connection seems to be pretty stable and you don’t have to keep your phone right next to you either.

The silicone is also completely waterproof so you can shower with this thing in, or just leave it in with plenty of lube and don’t have to worry about damage.

It is created for wearability above all else, and the makers say you can keep it in for long periods of time as you get your regular day done. It is pretty quiet, but it’s not silent. You can definitely hear it when it’s on a full vibe and it’s inside you. It’s discreet enough to be worn in a busy public place but I wouldn’t want it on when things were quiet.

The sound-activated vibe is fun! Any noise will activate it, so keep that in mind.

The Bottom Line

This is a luxury toy with so many features, you can’t go wrong. Lovense has taken a lot of time to perfect their technology and it shows. Using the app is simple and doesn’t require any special equipment or knowledge (as long as you’re not using with a PC). You can stimulate yourself with the app or give over the controls to your partner for extra fun.

If butt plugs aren’t your thing, Lovense also has the Lush, which is made specifically for women (for vaginal wear) and offers a lot of the same features.

Either way you go, you can’t make a bad choice, so why not purchase both? Imagine the feeling of being full, with two rock star toys, that your partner can control so you’re truly hands free. The Lovense Hush butt plug plus the Lush? Sounds like the perfect date night to me!

Recently, the lovely Jaye Wilde, erotic audio performer extraordinaire, contacted me and asked if I would be interested in a collaboration.

Who am I to say no to a sexy woman?

Some of Jaye’s listeners wanted her to create a how-to series. She’ll tell you, she’s not a writer, but would be happy to provide her sexy voice to my words. I was thrilled! I have a fairly extensive backlog of articles that would work perfectly for this project.

Wilde About Sex is Born

And so, our new project was born. I thought Wilde About Sex was the perfect name and Jaye agreed. Each week, we’ll upload audio only videos to our YouTube channel on Wednesdays.

But don’t fret, if YouTube isn’t your thing, we’ve also started sharing our work as a podcast on Anchor is a great platform, as they make podcasting as easy as you can imagine. They even distribute your work to multiple providers. So you can find us wherever you listen to podcasts already.

How You Can Participate

We love to hear from our listeners. Do you have a topic you’d like to learn more about? Is there something you’ve always wanted to try but weren’t sure how it would go over with your partner?

Wilde About Sex is here to help.

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The idea of a sex machine has been intriguing to me since the first time I saw one at a swinger’s club.

So much so, I convinced my second husband to build one for me.

Although it was rudimentary, it got the job done for a fraction of the cost of a branded machine, which were upwards of $1000 back then. Being the tech savvy person he was, he even tried to integrate the machine with computer controls, which didn’t exactly work as he planned.

Overall, it was a neat experience, but left me wanting something a bit less DIY.
Hismith recently reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing their latest sex machine. I couldn’t say yes fast enough. My dream was coming true, I would finally be the proud owner of a legitimate sex machine.

Pricing: The Best Bang For Your Buck

While the cost of ownership of a sex machine has decreased in the years since I first became aware of them, they’re still a hefty investment. You’ll want to ensure you’re getting the best quality machine for your price point. If you order from my link, be sure to use code HSM10 at checkout to get a free spring attachment, valued at $30.

Hismith offers a number of sex machines in a variety of price points. With something to meet the needs of just about anyone, they’re an obvious place to shop.

According to their website, these are the current options available; priced low to high:

Hismith Auto Thrusting Machine– This is their lowest priced model. It’s a tabletop machine, with suction cups for extra hold. The stroke length is 2.4 inches and it features a 3XLR connector.

Hismith Affordable Supermatic Fucking Machine– This model is just a bit more than the thrusting machine and is set up like a ‘machine gun’. It seems sturdier. The stroke length is 2.4 inches and also features a 3XLR connector.

Hismith Rechargeable Portable Fucking Machine Capsule– For those who don’t want a bulky machine, this is the lowest priced portable option available. It is remote and app controlled, so you can send a link to anyone and hand over control with ease. This is the first machine on our list which features the kliclock attachment system.

Hismith Table Top 2–Premium Sex Machine with KlicLok System– This is the upgraded version of their original table top sex machine. Emma Austin recently reviewed this item, which you can read here.

Hismith APP Controlled Canon Series– This machine packs a lot of punch for a mid-range price. It’s design is compact, but don’t let that fool you. It has just as much torque as the larger machines!

Hismith Premium Remote Controlled Sex Machine– A heavier duty machine, complete with remote control, this option gives you the longest stroke length available from Hismith, up to 6 inches!

Hismith Premium Quad Penetration APP Controlled Sex Machine– Have you always wondered what DP would be like? Well, this powerful machine has you covered. With a stroke length of just shy of 6 inches and up to 240 RPMs of speed, you’ll have your wish granted. It can be app controlled, wireless remote controlled, or wired.

Hismith Tip Activated Sex Machine– this is the machine I have, so let’s get into the specs, shall we?

About the Hismith tip activated sex machine

Upon opening the box, the first thing I noticed was the heavy-duty bag the machine was packed in. The straps are well sewn, so no worries about them breaking. The sex machine is not lightweight by any means, coming in at about 25 pounds.
The machine comes with everything you need to assemble it and get started.
Inside the bag:
1 × premium sex machine
2 x solid steel legs and 2 x solid steel cross bars
1 x L-wrench
1 × portable nylon bag
1 × wired controller
1 × APP and remote controller
1 × 8″(21 cm) silicone dildo with water based lubricant

Power and Stroke of the Sex Machine

These are the two important features that show if the sex machine is good or corners have been cut.

With cheap thrusting sex machines, you’ll notice short stroke length. If you’re in the market for something more affordable than the model I have, you’ll have to sacrifice stroke length.

If the motor is weak, and the machine meets any resistance, it will stop or bind up. Not an issue with this Hismith Sex Machine. During testing, I realized this machine is intuitive. When it met resistance, instead of stopping, it just slows down.


The parts, motor, solid metal (for weight) just cost too much for companies to use and be able to provide a cheaper machine. And even the software that comes with it isn’t cheap. Cheap and well-built don’t go together. Don’t settle for less than you deserve.

With Hismith you get 100W, 300N cm torque output that feels like having sex with power. Because it is. I can’t tell you the horsepower, but trust me, it’s more than enough.

Power means nothing if it’s not coupled with deep thrusting. The stroke length is easily adjustable from 1 to 6 inches (average penis size is 5.17 inches). So you have choices, lots of them.

How Loud Is The Machine?

If you’ve got kids running around or nosy neighbors it usually is a good idea to lock the doors and crank up the music for background noise. However, this machine is super quiet.
This video demonstrates both how to assemble the sex machine and what you get in the package. At 5min20s mark, the demonstrator runs the machine full blast if you want to hear the noise level.

It sounds louder than you think. 50dB is not very loud in the grand scheme of things. It’s comparable to a whisper or soft music.

Troubleshooting: What if things go wrong?

This is a big deal, especially when you’ve forked out a good chunk of change.
I haven’t found, so far, any other sex machine company that gets so many positive reviews. Their Amazon store has a 97% positive approval rating over the lifetime of the store. Hismith offers a 1-year warranty for the whole sex machine and a 2 year warranty for the motor.

Their customer service/troubleshooting is handled by email and their turn-around time is about 8 hours. Keep in mind, their customer service team is in China, so accommodate for time difference.

How Fast Is The Delivery?

Hismith delivers from whatever closest warehouse there is to you. So, if you’re in the United States like I am, your machine will be delivered from their Amazon Flagship Store, here in the US.

It took approximately 4 days for me to receive everything ordered. The machine itself was here in 3 days.

The shipping is discreet. Mine came in an Amazon outer box, with the item in a neutral brown box with Hismith Automatic device printed on the label.

No sensitive words.

Once assembled, you can also use the bag the machine comes with for storage. If you don’t want to disassemble, the model I received even comes with a handy dust cover, which goes over the entire unit, minus the legs, making it easy to discreetly store in the corner of your room without question.


By default, this Hismith comes with Quick Air connector or Kliclok. Mine also came with a six inch insertable length dildo and a cock sheath.

To use suction cup or Vac-u-loc dildos, you’ll need to get adapters. Hismith offers adapters for both types, as well as a ‘bandage’ adapter for male masturbators, a clip for your wands, and a spring attachment to make using heavier toys better.
You can always purchase Kliclok based dildos from Hismith, and the attachment at the base is removable if you want to use the dildo without the machine.

Here are three sex toy attachments I recommend:

spring attachment - more forgiving with the angles, requires less adjustment. If you don’t like re-setting your machine and just need a bit of an angle adjustment, the spring attachment works well.

extension rod -If you’re a squirter, like I am, this is a must. It puts your body further away from the mechanical portions of the machine while still giving you the thrust you desire.

DP attachment -this speaks for itself. If you don’t purchase the machine specifically for DP, you can purchase this attachment and make your machine a DP powerhouse.

How it Feels Being Fucked by a Sex Machine

My husband and I tested this together, so I could concentrate on the amazing feelings while he controlled the machine. Once we got it set to the depth and speed we wanted, he was hands free to do whatever he liked.

This particular machine comes with a wireless remote and a wired one. If your partner likes to sit back and watch, either remote is handy. The wireless one has a range of about 20 meters.

But this sex machine comes with a bonus. It can be controlled by an app on your phone. Just download the app and watch the sparks fly. When I’m home during the day and my husband is out working, we can text one another and set up a time for him to toy with me via machine.

I send him a link and he instantly has access. Your machine needs to be on to connect to the app and get links. This sex machine is also enabled to work with Chaturbate, a cam model site.

Once you download the software on your computer and connect it to your Chaturbate account, clients can control your machine via tips. How cool is that?

The feeling can get intense, so you’ll want to play with the controls to find the right settings for you. The app comes pre-programmed with eight different settings to get you started. There’s also a community feature on the app where other users have created their own settings for you to use if you’d like.

Unlike using a dildo or vibrator with just your hand, a sex machine gives you the option to use your hands or another toy on your clit (or other parts of your body) while being fucked. It takes masturbation to a whole new level.

I will say, it takes some adjusting. Our machine is on a stand, but it isn’t very tall, so unless I’m willing to lie on the floor, some ingenuity had to come into play. We have an old piano bench we weren’t using, which is the perfect height to rest the machine on, while I lie on the bed.

It allows me to be comfortable while getting fucked, and who doesn’t want that?

If you’re planning to use the machine (with stand) on a hardwood floor or any smooth surface, I recommend putting extra grip on the bottom bars. They come with anti-skid caps, but they don’t grip on smooth surfaces very well. When you are using the machine, you don’t want it to move (other than thrusting!) or you may end up getting fucked where you don’t want.

We added rubber grip to the bottom bars and that fixed the issue.

Pro-Tips and Tricks

  • the metal piece that from the dildo (quick connector) will tend to rust if you don’t dry it off well.
  • if you’re using a sex machines on high speed and it’s moving around add a sand-bag or a dumbbell on the base. If it’s moving because you’re on a smooth surface (not carpet) then adding rubber grip to the bottom bars helps a lot.
  • when you find the right angles for the positions, put marks on the stands for quicker future setup.
  • make sure everything is tightened down before you start the engine. Use the provided L wrench for that.


The Bottom Line

I recommend it wholeheartedly, however, no machine is great for everyone.
The biggest downside I can find is, this machine isn’t that compact - so if you care for something light and discreet, this will be overkill. But don’t worry, Hismith makes lighter, more portable machines for those who don’t need or want a heavy duty monster like this one.

For me, this sex machine with a sturdy stand is perfect. But I love that they offer other options to accommodate everyone.

For the price, this machine is well-built, easy to assemble, and a lot of fun to use. I expect to have this sex toy for a long time and get a ton of use from it.

This article contains affiliate links. If you click on them and make a purchase on the site, I earn a small commission and you will be supporting my work while enjoying the joys of a quality sex machine. Be sure to use code HSM10 when checking out to get a free spring clip with your order, valued at $30.

As the proud owner of a full-sized sex machine, I wasn’t exactly in the market for a miniature version. But my contact at Adorime reached out and gave me a few options to choose from for a new toy and this thrusting dildo was the best one for me.

Personally, I wouldn’t really call it a sex machine. Yes, it’s lightweight, portable, and it thrusts. You get the power to control the vibration/patterns, seven different levels, which is nice. The thrust distance is about 1 inch. This is where it differs from what I think of as a sex machine. Most have at least 2.5 inches of thrust available, and in the case of the full sized machine I have, 6 inches!

But being honest, 6 inches of thrust can be a bit much.

The difference between this telescopic dildo (thrusting dildo) and a portable sex machine is where it thrusts from. With this toy, it’s all internal, which is why it doesn’t thrust any further than it does. With a portable sex machine, the dildo attaches to an arm that does the thrusting. Both are good, it just depends on your preference.


Strong Suction Cup: The vacuum suction base is a very strong hold, you can attach it to the wall, a mirror, a table or the floor, any surface which is smooth. and it has an available angle of 225°.

7.5 inches total length, 6.3 inches insertable, 1.4 inch circumference.

How Does a Thrusting Dildo Feel?

The Adorime Thrusting Dildo is made of high quality, medical grade, body safe silicone, so it feels really soft to the touch and realistic. It’s quite realistic in appearance too, if that’s something you like.

Personally, it doesn’t matter to me whether my dildos are life-like or smooth.

As far as how it feels being used, it has quite a bit of power. And the best feature, to me, is the attached suction cup mechanism. It’s removable, so if you just want the dildo and don’t need to stick it to a surface, you have that option. But when you do use it, it stays where you put it, even during use.

Unlike most dildos with suction cups, this is a heavier duty cup that snaps into place. You’re not hoping it will stay, it physically clips down and provides a much stronger suction.

You can watch me demonstrate how it works here:

What Comes in The Box?

It’s packaged discretely, just a plain Amazon cardboard box, so you don’t have to worry about being outed for ordering sex toys. The box the toy comes in is one you could use for storage if you don’t have something in place already. It does not come with a bag for storage, which always makes me a little sad.

Inside, you’ll find the thrusting dildo, remote control, and charging cable. It’s not the magnetic type, instead, it has a 3.5 mm jack type attachment on one end, which plugs into the dildo in between the power and settings button. Traditional USB on the other end.

Pros and Cons

Adorime states on their product information that this toy is 100% waterproof, but I have to call BS on that. There’s a hole for charging, you definitely don’t want to get water in there. I think you’re good as long as you just run the dildo under water and avoid the plastic portion.

It is fairly powerful, vibration wise, for such an inexpensive toy. Right now, it’s priced at $36 USD. And so far, I’ve had no issues with resistance. A lot of cheaper toys that thrust end up binding up when they meet resistance within your body. I.e. your vagina or anus contracts. This toy slows down a bit but then powers right through.

Charge time is around 2 hours, and Adorime states you’ll get 90 minutes of playtime. I have not found this to be wholly accurate. So far, it seems to last about 45 minutes before it starts to really slow down and become fairly useless.

The Bottom Line

Overall, this is a really high quality toy for the price. I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect it to be as nice as it is, so that was a nice surprise. I would recommend it to anyone in the market for a portable, telescopic dildo.

This post contains affiliate links, so not only will you be getting a quality product, you’ll also be helping support my writing.

Sohimi recently asked if I would review their latest Clitoral Sucking Vibrator, so of course, I said yes!

If you’ve never used a sucking vibrator before, this is a great one to start with. Priced at just $26 (Use my code 20IMCLXU for 20 percent off!) it’s easily affordable for most without breaking the bank.

And it’s adorable. Shaped like a little hedgehog, this toy fits in the palm of your hand easily, making it discreet and easy to handle.

Check out my unboxing video here with a little demo:

You’ll notice, it’s a bit noisy when you turn it on, however, once you begin using it in its intended manner, the noise level drops significantly.

Using The Clitoral Sucking Vibrator

There are multiple levels (10) of suction/patterning for you to choose from. It’s easy to cycle through them all until you find your favorite one.

I found, using a tiny drop of lube on the opening of the toy (or direct on your clitoris) helps it attain the suction you want.

I’ve never been a big fan of this type of toy. My experiences with them have been pretty shitty, overall. I’m not sure if it’s the toys themselves, of if it’s how my body is shaped. One of these days, I hope to try one of the Overall, it’s a pretty neat clitoral sucking vibrator, for a great price. It did take a bit for it to get me off, but I know for next time to use it when I have a little more time to invest in my self care.

Want to know how masturbation is a form of self-care? Check out my piece on Medium here.

If you would like your own clitoral sucking vibrator, check out my link here to go right to the product, and don’t forget to use my code 20IMCLXU for 20 percent off!

Most links are affiliate links, which means, not only will you get a quality item, you’ll also be helping support my writing.

I don’t identify as male, but I do have a male partner, so when Sohimi asked that I review their latest male masturbator, I agreed.

We’ve purchased one other male masturbation aid in the past, and enjoyed it for the two times it functioned properly. It’s sad when a toy is poorly made and falls apart, especially when it worked so well initially! The one we had before was created to mimic a blow job. This one is different.

But there doesn’t seem to be any worry about falling apart with the Sohimi Male Masturbator Cup , as it’s made from a lot sturdier materials than our previous one.

ABS plastic, coated in medical grade, super soft silicone, this cup feels nice when you’re holding it, and once you slip your penis inside. Sohimi upgraded this cup from a previous model, after receiving feedback that the insert wasn’t accessible for those with larger penises.

With the newer version, just about any length should fit inside without worries. The opening is very large. If you’re working with at least an average sized penis or larger, this toy will work for you. Anyone shorter, you may only feel the pressure and waves of vibration on the very end of your penis.

This cup vibrates and can be heated with the touch of a button. In order to facilitate a sucking feeling, you or your partner will need to squeeze the bottom of the toy.

Check out this video here where I unbox and test the item:

You can pick up your own toy here.

After unboxing and charging for about two hours, this male masturbator is ready to go. You’re going to want to use some quality water based lubricant. Since this is a silicone toy, using silicone lube is not recommended.

Whether you’re playing alone or your partner is helping, this toy works best if you begin with an erect penis. So get things going, or have your partner get it started for you.

Playing with the Male Masturbator

Once you’re erect, rub some lube on yourself and drip some inside the toy itself. Insert your penis and choose what level of vibration feels best for you. In order to mimic sucking and pressure, grasp the end of the toy and squeeze. You can squeeze and hold or open and close your hand. It’s up to you what feels best. A note, this does not mimic a blow job like some male masturbators do. It’s more like getting a really nice vibrating hand job.

Once you’re finished, clean-up is a breeze. The entire toy is waterproof, so you can dunk it in the sink and wash everything with warm soapy water without worry of it ruining the toy.

Make sure to dry it well before putting away.

One big thing to note, and I’m sure you heard it in the video, this toy is LOUD. So, if discretion is necessary for your situation, I would recommend putting on some music and closing your bedroom door.

The Bottom Line

This is a great male masturbator for a reasonable price. Right now, Sohimi is allowing me to offer you code 20GYMGU5 for 20 percent off this item. Just click here and order yours today.

It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and does the job quite well. My only complaint is the noise level, which isn’t personally an issue for us, as we don’t need to remain quiet, but I can see it being a problem for some.

Sohimi provided this male masturbator to me, free of charge, in exchange for an honest review. All links are affiliate links, so not only will you get a quality item, you’ll be helping to support my writing as well.

I don’t have a prostate, but I’m married to someone who does, so when Best Vibe asked me to review this inflatable prostate massager, I agreed. It’s marketed as a g-spot vibe as well, but we’ll talk about that more later.

The Look and Feel

This inflatable prostate massager is made from silicone and has a very smooth feel, which is a must when you’re planning to insert it into your rectum. The last thing you need is the feel of harsh seams or poorly made material.

Silicone is body safe. Please keep in mind, you’ll need something other than silicone lubricant for any silicone toy, as the two do not mix well at all. You’ll possibly end up with a melted toy and that’s never fun.

Upon unboxing, I noticed a decent heft to the item, which is good. It’s not too heavy, but heavy enough you’ll know it’s in your hand. It comes with a bit of juice already, but I went ahead and connected to the USB charger to get it up to capacity.

Playing with the Toy

Before involving my husband and his prostate, I wanted to get a feel for how the toy worked. I didn’t want to be in the middle of sexy time, figuring out which buttons to push.

The inflatable prostate massager comes with two buttons, power and pattern changing. Simply hold the power button down for a few seconds, and the toys comes on. You can press the other button to cycle through the available changes.

This toy is inflatable, but that doesn’t happen until you cycle through the patterns, so it’s nice to be able to turn it on and insert it, then get your fill, so to speak. I wanted to find out which cycle I thought was the best size for a beginner to prostate pleasure, so I played with them all before we got down to business.

Once we got into our evening, I broke out this toy to use during foreplay. I carefully lubed and inserted, then began giving him oral. When he was nice and turned on, then I cycled to the appropriate setting.

How well does an inflatable prostate massager work?

As a prostate massager, it’s aces. My biggest concern was getting it inflated too much, but since I took the time to cycle through our options ahead of time, it wasn’t a concern. It’s the perfect length to reach the prostate and according to my husband, puts the right amount of pressure on it.

You can slide it in and out slightly, once it’s inflated, but that’s up to you and your partner.

Now, as a g-spot stimulator, it’s a no go, at least for me. I find I need a toy that’s a bit longer than this in order to reach my g-spot and provide the pressure needed for orgasm. We even tried it anally, to see if the pressure there would also press on my g-spot from behind and were unsuccessful. But with so many great g-spot specific products on the market, I wasn’t disappointed. I wanted this for him.

The Bottom Line

Overall, this is a nice toy for the price. It’s currently $32 through Best Vibe.

I love the USB charging, it comes with a cord (3.5 mm to insert into toy, USB to go in your charging port) but no power block, which is expected. I am not a fan of the magnetic charging via USB, so I was happy this wasn’t one of those. It takes about 2 hours to come to a full charge. We’ve played with it numerous times and it holds a charge for a good while.

It’s made of high grade silicone, which offers a smooth and soft feel, which is good. We’ve had the toy for about 6 months now, and so far, it still works beautifully. It’s waterproof, so it’s easy to clean with warm water and non-irritating soap.

The only con I can find is the inability to control the inflation more. The cycles aren’t much different from one another, beyond the vibration pattern. It would be nice to be able to choose the level of inflation beyond that. But for the price, I didn’t really expect much in the way of variety.

Best Vibe provided this toy to me in exchange for an honest review. None of the links contained herein are affiliate links.


Sex toys have often been considered a solo adventure, especially for women. Using sex toys as a couple is a conversation that can be awkward for some, but well worth the results. When it comes to our pleasure, being open-minded is not a bad thing.

A few months ago, I learned through experimentation, my husband enjoys having certain toys used on him. There’s never been an issue bringing toys into bed with us, other than lack of toys, but he never expressed interest in having one for himself.

When Sex Toys and Your Man Are a Great Combination

I gave my first hand-job to completion to my husband back in October and added my vibrating bullet to the mix. While using my hand on his shaft, I placed the bullet under his testicles. It was a clear winner. Lots of lube, slippery hand up and down the shaft (paying lots of attention to the head) and a vibrator on his testicles was the perfect combination for ejaculation.

It wasn’t long after the epic hand-job we had our first experience together using a toy, on him, internally.

The same vibrating bullet from our first toy run came into play again. It’s the first time my husband ever had anything larger than a finger inserted in his anus.

After five years of being together and learning he won’t be judged, he was finally able to let go and experience the pleasure he’s desired.

Stepping Up Our Game With a Vibrating Wand

Since our first experiences, we’ve been lucky enough to add more toys to our collection. Being asked to review toys has been a blessing for many reasons, not the least of which is bulking up our collection and learning what toys we do and don’t like.

We have an awesome inflatable that’s become a go-to anytime we break out the toys. I can use it on him or he can use it on me. My favorite is using it to stimulate his p-spot. I love the orgasm this causes and the look of sheer ecstasy on his face.

Recently, we got a new vibrating wand to try. I’ll admit, I was a bit leery as I own a wand already. I wasn’t sure what owning two wands would do for me, but I was willing to try.

We’ve been due a toy night, so last night was the perfect time to test out our newest addition to the toy family.

Hubby requested to be tied up, so who am I to deny such a lovely request?

After trussing him up, I wanted to tease him a bit. He loves to tease me and make me wait and I wanted to return the favor, when he wasn’t able to do anything about it.

Yes, I’m evil.

Starting with our newest toy, the  mushroom head vibrating wand , I turned it on and ran it over his thighs. The first thing I noticed is the strength of the vibrations. Holding it in your hand, it feels like it might be too much. It does have seven different settings and I flipped through them all to test them out.

Now, personally, I’m not a big fan of the changing patterns for myself. It’s frustrating when you’re trying to get off to have the pattern and intensity changed. If we’re playing and not going straight for the O, then it’s awesome. But if I’m using it alone, I go for the single pattern vibration.

Once you place the toy on the body, the vibrations are diffused. Hubby said it felt fantastic across his entire cock and balls. I have to agree, as he was attempting to break the restraints to buck off the bed.

Taking Teasing to Pleasing

I had my fun teasing with the vibrating wand and decided to add oral to the mix. That’s always a winning combination and this time was no different. It wasn’t long before he was ready to come out of the restraints and get down to more fun.

Taking matters into my own hands again, I rode cowgirl for a while before letting him have his way with me.

It was time to let him test the vibrating wand on myself, so I could see just how great it is.

The large surface of the wand’s end covers a lot of area. I love how it covers my entire clit and the area around it, giving good targeted vibrations.

It’s curved shape fits easily in your hand and the curves of your body making it easy to hold while getting the pleasure you desire.

Due to the shape, it’s perfect for holding between your bodies while having missionary sex. It also worked well in doggy and cowgirl.

The Final O

After more orgasms than I can count, it was time to call it a night. Our new toy is an awesome new addition to our toy collection and definitely goes on top. We love that we can both enjoy it and use it in different positions. The curved shape makes it easy to hold without causing discomfort over time to your hand and the large head gives you diffused vibration over your body.

Talking about what you want with your partner makes your time together so much more fun. You’re in for the adventure of a lifetime when you have an open-minded partner. Don’t let societal pressures and expectations stop you from getting everything you both desire.

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Tztoyz recently contacted me and asked if I would be willing to test their newest product in exchange for an honest review. Well, you guys know me, of course I said yes!

I’ll admit, there were a couple of things I was a bit leery of to start with. It’s been years since I owned a straight up dildo. Lately, I’ve been a lot more interested in toys with more of a bang, so to speak.

This medical grade silicone, realistic dildo is the real deal, though. It measures a whopping 8.6 inches total length (which includes the ‘eggs’ as they’re labeled), with an insertable length of 6.3 inches.

That was my second concern. This is a lot bigger than what I prefer. But I figured hey, I’m in control of this bad boy, I don’t have to use the whole thing!

The Look and Feel of a Realistic Dildo

Unlike a lot of so called realistic dildos on the market, this item looks and feels like the real thing. It’s soft, yet has a hard core, has realistic veins, is well shaped, and even has balls…I mean, ‘eggs’.

And it has a suction cup, which doubles as a base for your strap-on needs.

The suction cup has good grip. I tested it first, without actually playing with the toy, by wetting the cup just a bit, and sticking it to the wall in my bathroom. It stayed where I placed it for 30 minutes before sliding down the wall.

Then, came the REAL test.

Would it hold up to actual use?

Yes, yes it does.

After washing with mild soap and warm water, it was time to do the actual testing. Be sure to have lots of silicone safe lube on hand.

Doggy style seemed like the perfect position to test my new friend. Thankfully, my bed is against a wall and isn’t impeded by a headboard!

Be sure to attach your new friend to the surface of your choice before coating it in lube; makes things much less slippery! Learn from my mistakes, folks.

This position allowed me to control the depth of insertion and be hands free so I could use a vibrating toy on other sensitive areas.

Worked like a charm.

The toy stayed where it was placed with no issues and felt just like the real thing.

Clean-up is easy, just wash well with mild soap and warm water. I like easy. Hell, I am easy.

Not one to keep my toys to myself, the next time I took out this large and in charge boy, I did it with my husband. We’ve been having a lot of fun recently toying (pun intended) with the idea of adding a third body to the mix. What better way to try it out than without the actual body?

The Bottom Line

We’ve learned this giant is a vaginal only toy for me, I’ve not quite worked up the nerve to insert it anally. Yet. Trust me, it will likely happen. I love how realistic it feels, especially when we’re using it together. It gives you a great idea of how it would feel to be double penetrated.


Tztoyz provided this item to me in exchange for an honest review. Links are affiliate links, so not only do you get a quality item, you help support my writing in the process!