I don’t identify as male, but I do have a male partner, so when Sohimi asked that I review their latest male masturbator, I agreed.

We’ve purchased one other male masturbation aid in the past, and enjoyed it for the two times it functioned properly. It’s sad when a toy is poorly made and falls apart, especially when it worked so well initially! The one we had before was created to mimic a blow job. This one is different.

But there doesn’t seem to be any worry about falling apart with the Sohimi Male Masturbator Cup , as it’s made from a lot sturdier materials than our previous one.

ABS plastic, coated in medical grade, super soft silicone, this cup feels nice when you’re holding it, and once you slip your penis inside. Sohimi upgraded this cup from a previous model, after receiving feedback that the insert wasn’t accessible for those with larger penises.

With the newer version, just about any length should fit inside without worries. The opening is very large. If you’re working with at least an average sized penis or larger, this toy will work for you. Anyone shorter, you may only feel the pressure and waves of vibration on the very end of your penis.

This cup vibrates and can be heated with the touch of a button. In order to facilitate a sucking feeling, you or your partner will need to squeeze the bottom of the toy.

Check out this video here where I unbox and test the item:

You can pick up your own toy here.

After unboxing and charging for about two hours, this male masturbator is ready to go. You’re going to want to use some quality water based lubricant. Since this is a silicone toy, using silicone lube is not recommended.

Whether you’re playing alone or your partner is helping, this toy works best if you begin with an erect penis. So get things going, or have your partner get it started for you.

Playing with the Male Masturbator

Once you’re erect, rub some lube on yourself and drip some inside the toy itself. Insert your penis and choose what level of vibration feels best for you. In order to mimic sucking and pressure, grasp the end of the toy and squeeze. You can squeeze and hold or open and close your hand. It’s up to you what feels best. A note, this does not mimic a blow job like some male masturbators do. It’s more like getting a really nice vibrating hand job.

Once you’re finished, clean-up is a breeze. The entire toy is waterproof, so you can dunk it in the sink and wash everything with warm soapy water without worry of it ruining the toy.

Make sure to dry it well before putting away.

One big thing to note, and I’m sure you heard it in the video, this toy is LOUD. So, if discretion is necessary for your situation, I would recommend putting on some music and closing your bedroom door.

The Bottom Line

This is a great male masturbator for a reasonable price. Right now, Sohimi is allowing me to offer you code 20GYMGU5 for 20 percent off this item. Just click here and order yours today.

It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and does the job quite well. My only complaint is the noise level, which isn’t personally an issue for us, as we don’t need to remain quiet, but I can see it being a problem for some.

Sohimi provided this male masturbator to me, free of charge, in exchange for an honest review. All links are affiliate links, so not only will you get a quality item, you’ll be helping to support my writing as well.

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