For all your beginner soft bondage needs, the Naughty Gift Box has you covered.

Photo by Ella Paradis

Soft bondage refers to a form of BDSM where hard impact or other extreme play isn’t part of your game. Even those in traditionally vanilla relationships engage in soft bondage such as light spanking, using handcuffs or ties, and more. If you’ve been thinking of dipping your toes into bondage and aren’t sure where to start when it comes to items, the naughty gift box from Better Love is a great place to begin.

What’s in the Naughty Gift Box?

The naughty gift box itself is really nice and sturdy, and would be perfect to store your items in when you’re finished playing. But boxes aren’t why you’re here. Each box is carefully curated by the folks at Better Love, so depending on availability, you may get different items. My box came with the following:

  • Mini faux leather flogger
  • Massage candle
  • Cock ring
  • Fun Factory booty plug, small
  • Black out blindfold
  • Thin restraint cuffs
  • Feather tickler
  • Bondage rope (very small amount)
  • Instruction guide and BDSM checklist

Pros and Cons

My personal favorite item featured in the naughty gift box is the massage candle. It smells amazing and feels even better. So far, we’ve used it at least 4-5 times and still have some left. You can drip it directly onto the skin for sensory play or pour it into your hands to give a massage. It gets to the perfect temperature, not too hot at all for direct drips.

The cock ring is just a standard ring, nothing fancy, made of silicone. My husband is of a bit over average girth and it fits him with ease as it does have some stretch to it.

I was mildly disappointed in the flogger. It appears to be cheaply made and you really can’t get a good swat with it. It does work well for teasing, such as dragging the ends across different parts of your partner’s body for sensory play, but honestly, that’s about all it’s good for.

The feather tickler is exactly what you think it is and does its job. It isn’t anything special but it hasn’t fallen apart with use so that’s impressive in and of itself.

I’m a big fan of butt plugs, as is my husband, and the Fun Factory small booty plug is perfect for anyone just getting started with anal play. Be aware, it is quite small, so if you’re more advanced in your booty play, it probably isn’t going to do much for you.

Being tied up can be a lot of fun, especially if you couple it with being blindfolded. The included blindfold is essentially a sleep mask, so it should fit most anyone and do what you need it to. The leather cuffs are quite thin and really wouldn’t hold someone determined to be free, but they work just perfectly to ‘secure’ your submissive partner during play, when the illusion of bondage is important. They’re comfortable and they look really pretty.

Honestly, the bondage rope included is rather useless unless all you want to do is secure your partner’s hands. There isn’t much of it and it isn’t sturdy at all. Again, it’s all about the illusion and if you’re not engaging in a heavy rope scene, it would do the job just fine.

Another favorite part of mine is the BDSM checklist. There are two parts, one for each of you, and it’s a simple check box design with the ability to fill in the blank for items not listed. What I like about it is the fact that it causes you and your partner to have a conversation about what you are and are not willing to try or are interested in researching further. Anything that promotes communication is excellent in my book.

Who should purchase this?

Anyone who is new to bondage or BDSM and would like a little bit of everything to get them started. Most of BDSM is in your mind, so you don’t absolutely need items to get started, but if you want the tools, this naughty gift box is a good place to start. Advanced practitioners will honestly find this set to be lacking, so I wouldn’t recommend for anyone who is established. The naughty box is a fun way to gift your partner and give you ideas for things to do on date night or a special event.

Ella Paradis and Better Love provided this box to me in exchange for an honest review. The links contained herein are affiliate links, so not only will you get a quality item, you’ll also be supporting my work.

He isn’t worth it, but this hand-held vibrating massager definitely is.

Photo by author

This post contains affiliate links, so not only will you get a great product, you’ll also be supporting my work. This is not a sponsored post, Ella Paradis provided the review copy of this item in exchange for an honest review.

The Better Love Collection by Ella Paradis features a multitude of toys sure to meet your needs. When they recently reached out and asked if I would mind reviewing some of their toys, one of the first items that caught my attention was the “Don’t Text Your Ex” vibrating massager. It’s essentially a bullet vibrator, but cute and heart shaped instead of the traditional “bullet” design. I haven’t owned a bullet in years and wanted something I could hold in the palm of my hand for those moments when your fingers just aren’t doing it, but you don’t want to break out a vibrator.

This vibrating massager is made from body safe silicone, has an easy one button design, and is splash proof. I wouldn’t recommend submerging in water for extended periods of time, but it is fine to use in the shower. The run time on a full charge is about an hour.

How Well Does This Vibrating Massager Work?

After charging and washing, I decided there was no time like the present to check this new toy out. To turn it on, long press the power button and the light will come on. Short press the button to cycle through all the vibration patterns and intensity. There are 10 in all, ranging from pretty mild and buzzy to an intense buzz. It starts off on the lowest setting, then cycles through two other single vibration modes, followed by patterns.

I am not fond of patterned vibrations when it comes to massaging my clitoris. It’s distracting to me and just frustrates me more than turning me on. I figured out quickly I like the second single vibration mode, which I guess you could call the middle ground. The lowest vibration setting is more irritating to me than anything. It’s just not strong enough to get things going, but would be excellent for someone who has a more sensitive clit than I do.

The end of this vibrating massager is ABS plastic, so I don’t recommend using the tip for play. I keep that part in my hand and use the heart end for pleasure.

Pros and Cons

As much as I enjoy this toy and get almost daily use from it, I’ve found the power button is awkward. Because of the way you hold the toy, when you’re really getting into the vibrations, you can accidentally shut the toy off. It’s caused me to lose an orgasm more than once. I’ve tried holding the toy with the power button facing my palm, which helps a bit, but shut off still happens sometimes. Facing the power button out is almost a guarantee you’ll shut the power off, so inward it is!

Other than the power button issue, I can’t find anything wrong with this powerful little toy. Like I said, I use it almost daily, so that says something. It’s small enough to carry in your purse if you want and doesn’t take too long to charge. Since I use it so often, I’ve gotten in the habit of putting it on the charger every three days or so. Worse than accidentally pressing the power button would be to have it die in the middle of masturbating!

If you’ve been searching for a powerful vibrating massager, you can get yours from Ella Paradis today. It’s currently on sale for $46.99.

If you’re looking for flavored lubricant that doesn’t taste like lube, Wicked Lube has you covered. With a ton of flavors and a non-sticky feel, this sex toy safe lube is the way to go. I’ve been a fan of lubricant for years, but I’ve never found a flavored lube that didn’t just taste awful. Don’t get me wrong, I love giving oral, but who wouldn’t want it to taste like their favorite fruit or sweet in the process?

Giving good oral isn’t all about the taste. While adding something sweet to the mix that’s body safe is great, when you’re giving oral to someone with a penis especially, the wetter the better. Our bodies aren’t always on the same page as we are, and producing a decent amount of saliva can be difficult at times. Whether it’s due to dehydration (drink your water!), medication, or you’re just having an off day, adding a slick and non-sticky flavored lubricant to the mix can up your head game to new levels.

Wicked Lube offers a ton of flavor options sure to satisfy anyone. Betty’s Toy Box was kind enough to send me Mango and Pink Lemonade to try, but they also have Aqua (unflavored, Sweet Peach, Cinnamon Bun, Candy Apple. Peppermint Cocoa, Salted Caramel, Vanilla Bean, Watermelon, Strawberry, Cherry, Blueberry Muffin, Pomegranate, and Mocha Java. There’s sure to be a flavor that appeals to anyone.

Is Wicked Lube Safe?

Wicked Lube is a water based lubricant, so it’s latex condom and sex toy safe. It’s paraben free and vegan, so you can be sure it’s safe for your body. However, as with any lubricant, if you notice any discomfort or irritation, please discontinue use immediately. Because it’s water based, clean up is a cinch, simply rinse away with water. It doesn’t leave a residue or sticky mess.

Our Experience with Wicked Lube Water Based Flavored Lubricant

Most of our sex toys are silicone, so I was happy to note this is a water based lubricant. Other forms of lube have their uses, but if I know we will be breaking out the toys at some point during play, I try to stick to water based lube just in case. Since the reason I wanted a flavored lube was to use during oral. that’s where we started.

You don’t need a lot, and the bottle makes it easy to use. The pump top distributes the perfect amount for oral with just a couple of pumps. I started with the Mango flavor and wasn’t disappointed. No, it doesn’t taste exactly like a mango, but it is close enough. It made oral a lot more fun, because I wasn’t focused on producing enough saliva, just having fun. Damian rinsed off and I started again with the Pink Lemonade. This one is pretty close to the flavor it touts, and I think between the two, it’s our favorite.

I love that you can segue right into toy play without having to clean up or switch out lubes. Damian squirted a couple of pumps onto my vulva and tried the flavor for himself. He prefers the pink lemonade as well. Using the Wicked Lube to help with insertion of a vibrator, he continued oral without having to stop for any changes or clean-up.

Would you like to try Wicked Lube?

You can get yours today in whichever flavor sounds good to you by visiting Betty’s Toy Box. Be sure to use my discount code, DEMI so you can get 10 percent off your entire order. This post contains affiliate links, so not only will you get fantastic products, you’ll also be supporting my writing.