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A representative of Proprogifts reached out to me recently to ask if I would be interested in testing one of their toys, the clitoral sucking tongue vibrator. Since one of these has been on my wish list for quite some time, I happily agreed.

My friend and fellow sex writer, Emma Austin, recently tested the Fantasy For Her Ultimate Pleasure Double Ended Vibrator (whew, that’s a mouthful!) and I was seriously impressed by what she had to say. If you’re interested, you can purchase this toy from Betty’s Toy Box. If you’re in Canada, check the links in Emma’s post for ordering information.

The Fantasy for Her is a pussy pump, a clit licker, and the handle can be used as a vibrating dildo. You can’t beat a three in one toy for pleasure! Sadly, I can’t justify $130 for a toy at the moment, so I figured I would just live vicariously through Emma for awhile. Then, I was contacted about this clitoral sucking tongue vibrator and thought, well, it’s not exactly the same, but it should give me an idea of whether I want to spend the cash when I have it on an upgraded model.

The Clitoral Sucking Tongue Vibrator

The toy provided to me by Proprogift is pretty well made, using medical grade silicone so it’s body safe, and mostly waterproof. I would not recommend submersing it, but you’re safe to wash the head of the vibrator under running water. Just be sure to dry it carefully.

It comes with two silicone covers that go around the tongue portion of the vibrator. They are different sizes, one is meant for use with your pussy, the other on your breasts. Honestly, you can use them interchangeably depending on your body’s shape. I found the smaller one works best on my pussy, as the larger one doesn’t allow the tongue to reach my clit.

It also comes with a USB charging cable, the one I prefer which is non-magnetic. I don’t know why, but I have the hardest time with the damn magnetic ones!

Unlike the Fantasy For Her, this toy is not insertable, and isn’t marketed as a pussy pump, but it does pump your outer lips when you achieve suction, using the provided covers. That’s the part I was most excited about, and the one I had the most difficulty achieving on my own.

Using the Toy

It takes about 4 hours to come to a complete charge, but after that, you have at least 3 hours of playtime ahead of you before requiring another charge. I decided to try it during solo play first, wanting to learn the ins and outs of the toy before bringing it to bed with my husband.

Long story short, I am not a fan of using it by myself. It’s difficult to get the angle right, when you’re trying to use the cover to achieve suction. I struggled a lot, and finally ended up removing the cover and just using the tongue portion.

Now that is a winner for sure. It takes some time to get the right pattern for you (there are 5 to choose from), but once you figure out which pattern works best for your masturbation style, it’s a simple matter of applying lube and letting that soft tongue do it’s job.

Playing With My Husband

That evening, I brought it out and asked if he would use it on me, with the cover. Definitely a different experience. Because he can look directly at what he’s doing and not try to do it by feel like I was, he was able to get the suction right and pump my pussy lips while the tongue did it’s job.

Completely different experience. And one I’ll be repeating over and over.

We also tried playing with the toy on him and figured out he isn’t a fan of the suction part, but definitely enjoyed the tongue licking at his balls and the tip of his penis.

Bottom Line

This is a quality item for a great price. It’s around $37 USD, so it won’t break the bank. If you’ve been interested in a clitoral sucking tongue vibrator, but want to try one before spending a lot of money on a higher end model, this one is a great place to start.

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Sohimi reached out to me recently and asked if I would be interested in testing their upgraded Electric Vacuum Penis Pump. Of course, I said yes! I don’t have a penis, but my husband does and we were both excited to test out this pump together.

Although we’ve used a few different male masturbators, we’ve never owned an actual penis pump before. When I asked my husband if he was interested, I’ll admit, he was a bit hesitant. He was afraid using a vacuum pump could possible damage his penis. I can understand his trepidation, I’m not sure I would want to vacuum my lady bits on a regular basis!

So, off to research!

Benefits and Risks of Using an Electric Vacuum Penis Pump

According to the Mayo Clinic:

Penis pumps can be a good erectile dysfunction treatment for several reasons:

  • Penis pumps are effective. With practice and correct use, the majority of men can get an erection sufficient for sex.
  • Penis pumps pose less of a risk than do other treatments. The risk of side effects or complications is lower than it is with any other erectile dysfunction treatment.
  • The overall cost is lower. After the initial purchase, using a penis pump costs less than any other erectile dysfunction treatment.
  • Penis pumps are noninvasive. They don’t require surgery, inserting medication into the tip of your penis or penile injections.
  • Penis pumps can be used with other treatments. A penis pump can be used along with medications or a penile implant. For some men, a combination of erectile dysfunction treatments works best.
  • Using a penis pump might help you regain erectile function after certain procedures. For example, using a penis pump might help restore your ability to get a natural erection after prostate surgery or radiation therapy for prostate cancer.

Although my husband doesn’t have erectile dysfunction, it’s still okay for him to use an electric vacuum penis pump to enhance his erection. Though, please don’t think using a penis pump will make your penis larger permanently. The effects of the pump diminish over time, so, you’ll likely get a bit more girth and possibly even more length right after using, it doesn’t remain.

Penis pumps are safe to use for most men, but there are some potential risks involved. Before using a vacuum pump, you should know:

You’re at an increased risk of bleeding if you take blood-thinning medications. Examples include warfarin (Coumadin, Jantoven) and clopidogrel (Plavix).

A penis pump might not be safe if you have sickle cell anemia or another blood disorder. These conditions can make you susceptible to blood clots or bleeding.

Potential side effects:

Pinpoint-sized red dots (petechiae). This is caused by bleeding under the surface of the skin of the penis.

Numbness, coldness or bluish-colored skin. This can occur when the constriction band is in place.

Pain or bruising. Knowing how to use the penis pump correctly can help you avoid injury to your penis.

Feeling of trapped semen. You might feel like your semen is trapped when you ejaculate, or ejaculation might be painful. Some manufacturers make constriction rings with a small cutout that might help with this.

After reading all this, we decided it was worth a shot and set out to test our new toy!

Sohimi Electric Vacuum Penis Pump Specs

This pump comes with a plastic tube, two attachments to slide your penis into, rings to secure the attachment to the tube and for your penis, an electric pump, small tube of lubricant, charging cable for the pump, all enclosed in a nice bag for storage.

The attachments are a pocket pussy, which you can use alone as well, and a neutral one (for those who prefer a non-anatomical look). I was a little confused at first as to how to keep the attachments in place, but quickly realized the cock rings that come with the toy are dual purpose. We used the larger one to secure the attachments to the plastic tube (there’s a ridge on one end of the tube, which the ring is supposed to go around).

Please wash this item with mild soap before use. The manufacturer coats the pocket pussy in talc to keep it from getting sticky, and you’re going to want to wash this before you put your dick in it.

How it Works

This is a fairly simple to use toy. Pick your attachment, secure it to the plastic tube, attach the pump, lube up, and insert your penis. Once you’ve got your penis inside, turn on the pump and choose your settings. If you press the plus button, it goes from 1-4, which we figured out is the amount of time the pump suctions. The amount of suction can’t be changed, it starts slow and increases to a certain amount and stays there. If you flip through the settings, what you’re changing is how long the pump remains on before releasing air.

There is a quick release button, which you should find immediately, in case the pressure is too much.

My husband found he does not enjoy the suction from the electric vacuum penis pump for longer than setting one allows. We definitely had to use the quick release button a few times until we got the hang of how it functioned.

What Does it Feel Like?

According to my husband, it is very intense. I think where we made our first mistake, was getting him somewhat hard before inserting his penis into the toy. This isn’t necessary at all, and probably contributed to him feeling like it was way too much pressure.

Also, don’t be surprised if your penis is extremely red after use. It’s one of the potential side effects and isn’t dangerous as long as you don’t over do it.

The Bottom Line

Being honest, this isn’t a toy we will use very often, which says nothing about the company, just our personal preferences. It was pretty neat to watch his dick grow and thicken within the machine, but it didn’t last. I think because it was somewhat painful for him (because we overdid it), he lost his erection shortly after we stopped using the electric vacuum penis pump. We were able to get it back quickly, but the effects of the machine were lost when he lost his erection.

Overall, it’s a very well made product and at $46 USD, not a bad price point. From now on, for us, I think we’ll stick to male masturbators and leave the pumps to someone else.

Image provided by Lelo

There’s a new class of tech-savvy sex toys that are unlike anything else your orgasm has ever seen. Unlike traditional vibes which use…well, vibration, a new batch of sonic vibrators creates airwaves around your clitoris to suck it upward, stimulating more of your clit than you probably thought possible. I’d tried vibrators like this before and let me tell you, damn. But the sonic vibrator from Lelo, the company responsible for some of the most high-end sex toys on the market, has totally revolutionized the orgasm.

The Lelo Sona, a sleek “sonic massager ” with different vibration modes and intensity settings, and a head that looks like a little mouth, is a true game-changer. Unlike other vibes, you don’t need to move the Sona at all—place the mouth over your clitoris and it does all the work for you. The result? A deliciously good orgasm without having to lift a finger. If more pressure is your thing, Lelo also makes the Sona Cruise. What’s the difference? When you press against the Cruise, it intuits you need more power and ups the game even further.

What’s The Lelo Sona Like?

Other sonic sex toys I’ve tried before vibrate very softly because their main function is suction—it feels like they’re reaching deep within your core, pulling an orgasm out of you. The Lelo Sona feels more like a vibrator, with extremely powerful vibrations on the surface of the clitoris. It’s remniscent of standing in front of large speakers and feeling the vibrations throughout your body.

Still, the sonic vibration action was good. It created a prolonged climax after a sensual buildup, the kind of luxuriously drawn-out orgasm that still has you feeling tingly minutes later. While its competitors aim to get women off quickly—and do a damn good job at it—the Lelo Sona aims for more sustained pleasure. And it succeeds too: My orgasms from this one take more like four or five minutes, rather than two or three, but they follow a very distinctive arc. Around a minute or two before climax, my vagina starts having singular contractions spaced a few seconds apart, each of which feels like its own mini orgasm. I’d describe the process as more of a hill than a mountain with a sharp peak.

Unlike the Womanizer and Satisfyer, this one isn’t great for attempting multiple orgasms. The vibrations are so powerful it would probably leave your clit in a coma. If you’re like me, and typically prefer your vibrator at it’s highest setting, you may find you’re not okay with that with this toy.

The second generation of these toys are a lot softer than their original counterparts. The mouth was re-shaped for comfort as well, so bonus for sure.

I wouldn’t be surprised if even more toys following this suction model come out over the next few years. So far, although they have the same basic premise, none of the different models I’ve tried has felt too similar. The Satisfyer and Womanizer are pretty alike, but the Lelo Sona and the Cruise provide a different kind of pleasure that’s not really better or worse, merely suited to different needs.

What’s the Big Difference Between the Two?

Price plays a factor, as the Cruise is around $30 USD more than the Sona. What do you get for the difference in price? Power. The Cruise doesn’t ramp down the motor when you press against your body, so if this is something you’re prone to doing, the Cruise will be the better option. If not, then the Sona is just fine.

The Sona Cruise is also a lot louder than the Sona. There’s no hiding what you’re doing when playing with either toy, as neither of them are remotely quiet, but the Cruise is exceptionally loud.

The Bottom Line

Whether you choose the Sona or the Sona Cruise, you’re getting an awesome sonic vibrator to add to your collection. The feeling is much different than traditional suction based clitoral stimulators, so it’s worth the investment.

This article contains affiliate links. So, not only will you get a quality product, you’ll also be supporting my work.

Adorime provided this sex toy free of charge, in exchange for an honest review. All links provided are affiliate links, so not only will you get a quality toy, you’ll also be supporting my work.

While shopping via Amazon can be tricky when it comes to sex toys (there are a lot of low quality toys, and copies of larger name brand items), I’ve had an ongoing relationship with Adorime for about a year now, and have always received high quality original toys from their company. Recently, they sent us this adorable pink couple’s vibrator to test.

At first glance, this toy appears to be a larger cock ring. And it can be used just as simply as that. Place the toy on your partner’s penis, and enjoy sex how you usually do, with some rumbly vibrations added! Unlike most cock rings, the Adorime Couple’s Vibrator isn’t a closed circle. It’s horseshoe shaped, which allows for greater flexibility regarding penis size and what you can do with the toy, other than using it as a cock ring.

When my husband and I tried this the first time, we figured we would use it as a cock ring and go from there. We placed it with the ends point up, so during missionary, they would hopefully hit my clit. It worked! Every stroke touched my clit with rumbling vibrations and definitely added to the pleasure we both felt.

We wanted to see how it felt if the ends pointed downward, and he wasn’t disappointed. I could still feel the vibrations, since it vibrates the entire toy, but they weren’t pinpointed to my clit. For those with sensitive clit’s, this may be your best option for use. For him, the pinpointed vibrations targeting his scrotum were excellent.

You can also use this toy alone. It’s fairly flexible, I found, so I could open it up a bit, insert one end into my vagina, while using the other end to stimulate my clit. I like toys that are multiuse!

Why the Adorime Couple’s Vibrator is a Winner

For us, having toys we can both use and enjoy is a plus. Sure, I’m the one who plays with toys more often than not, but being able to incorporate our toys during playtime together is always a win-win situation. The Adorime Couple’s Vibrator allows us both to feel the pleasures it offers, while also being a solo use toy.

It comes with a magnetic USB charger, which enables this toy to be 100% waterproof (no holes for charging!). It takes about an hour to come to a full charge when you receive it, and about an hour and half from completely dead. So far, we’ve played with it for close to an hour at a time and still had plenty of battery.

You can wash it easily and even submerge it. So, bathtime fun is completely okay! I do recommend drying it well, especially on the metal connections for the charger, so as not to accumulate rust.

This toy also comes with a remote control, so you can control the 9 variations of vibration while your partner is wearing it.

Overall, this is a high quality toy, for a reasonable price. Right now, it’s $27 through Adorime’s shop on Amazon, with free shipping for Prime members.

Since the advent of the human being, sex has been about touch. Whether foreplay or just going straight to the point, to have sex, you had to be in contact with one another. Thanks to technologies like the internet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity, the 21st century has blessed us with sex toys that are changing the way we view and perform sex. Our tech devices can talk to each other from across the globe, so naturally, our sex toys are trying to keep pace.

Among the most high tech sex toys out there, perhaps none of them has been as big a hit as Lovense’s Lush 2 vibrator. An unassuming little pink toy, it’s cute and powerful.

I’ll admit, I didn’t know what it was until I saw it in use during online cam shows. Adult performers have been in touch with tech longer than I have. When in use, all you can see is an adorable little pink tail exiting the user’s body. It turns out, a vibrator that can be controlled by someone other than the person who’s wearing it, is powerful enough to deliver serious sexual pleasure, and quiet enough to be used in public, is a pretty compelling concept.

Just because something can work in theory doesn’t mean it can work in practice. Unless the toy performs seamless and smoothly, it doesn’t take long for arousal to fade while you’re trying to work out a glitch. There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of using a toy, and it no longer working.

But don’t worry, I’ve done the research for you and break down everything you need to know about the Lovense Lush 2.

Who Should Buy the Lovense Lush 2?

We don’t judge. Anyone who wants to enjoy the pleasures of the Lush 2 should definitely purchase one for themselves. However, while you can technically use the Lush 2 in your anus, it is designed for the vagina. Don’t fret, Lush has booty specific options available, too, the Hush and the Edge.

The Lush 2 makes a great gift for your lover, whether they intend to play alone or give you control. It’s also perfect for anyone who creates adult content, as control of the toy can be shared all over the world.

Specs of the Lovense Lush 2

The Lush 2 is one of Lovense’s many internet-connected sex toys, and likely its most successful to date. It’s an internal vibrator designed to stimulate the G-spot, while its signature pink tail dangles outside the user’s body. The power button is at the tip of the tail, an improvement from the original Lush. It’s through the tail that the Lush 2 communicates with other devices.

It’s waterproof, USB-rechargeable, and made from body-safe materials. According to the Lovense website the charge lasts between 2.5 and 3 hours. I researched reviews from other users, and found with occasional use, the battery life seems to be as Lovense states. However, for those who use it more often, it appears to only hold a charge for about 2 hours of continuous use, and decreases over time. This is expected when it comes to a rechargeable battery, more use equals wearing out the battery.

The toy comes with a one year warranty from Lovense (another reason to buy direct!), so if it stops working for any reason covered, they’ll replace the item, free.

Its powerful motor makes it a fun toy by itself, but what really makes it special is what’s in the tail — the connection to the internet, along with Lovense’s app functionality, which lets other people control the toy — whether someone the user knows, or someone they don’t.

There aren’t any additional gadgets in the box, and you pair the toy to your phone (or your partner’s) by downloading the app, signing up and being within range, rather than entering a specific code. If you need to connect your toy to a PC, you will have to purchase an adapter. Lovense sells them for around $15.

Don’t let the simple design of the toy fool you, the Lush 2’s app is relatively tricked out, and once the two are paired, you can explore all the functionalities at your disposal.

Close Range mode has the following options: Alarm (wake your partner up with a jolt!), Music (pair the vibrations to the beat of your favorite song), Remote (control the intensity of the vibrations on your phone), My Patterns (create personalized vibration patterns), and Sound (sound-activated vibrations).

Long Distance mode allows you to add, request or block other users, as well as chat with them within the app. You can also create unique ‘control’ links that allow them to control the toy for different lengths of time (from just a second to a full hour), and Patterns mode offers you a sampling of vibration patterns other users have created.

Why We Love the Lovense Lush 2

  • It’s perfect for public play– While its powerful yet quiet motor makes it perfect for secretly pleasuring a partner in public, it’s up to you and your partner to keep your moans under control! Coming in at less than 49dB, it’s less audible than a whisper.
  • It’s ideal for Dom/sub couples– Do you and your significant other have a bit of a kinky power-play situation going on? You can turn the intensity of it up by exploring the Lush 2’s basic functionalities. One partner using their phone to control the other partner’s pleasure from near or far, whether in public or in private, can be extremely hot.
  • It’s great over long distances– Good news for people in long-distance relationships, people with far-away crushes and people who want strangers to be able to control their pleasure: The Long Distance function means you can let anyone in the world control the toy remotely by sending them a secret link. There’s only about a one-second lag between the adjustments made in the app and the toy’s vibrations, which means it’s basically in real time.
  • It’s great for cammers– If you and your partner want to make some money using your webcam to get sexual with strangers, having a Lush 2 seems like a no-brainer. Being able to send users control links means you can charge them for the ability to play with the toy’s intensity for a little bit. No need for a partner, you can do this solo, too.
  • The app is full of options– The toy itself might be pretty straightforward, but the app is clearly the product of a lot of work, too. It’s got a unique and cohesive look, and options like waking your partner up with vibrations or timing the vibrations to a sexy song take the concept from good to great.

The Drawbacks of the Lovense Lush 2

No toy is perfect, including the Lush 2. For starters, Long Distance mode is a lot less flexible than Close Range mode — rather than being able to loop patterns, you’re left with a simple up-and-down slider to increase or decrease the intensity.

The lack of clitoral stimulation also means that the toy is really just a very high-tech internal vibrator. If you want a blended orgasm, you’ll have to bring something else to the table, whether oral, manual or a second toy. If that’s not something you care about, then this isn’t a con at all!

The Bottom Line

Out of all the wearable/egg options you have today, the Lovense Lush 2 tops them all. With a one year warranty, powerful vibrations, and multiple ways to control the toy, you can’t go wrong. If you’re ready to purchase your very own, check out all the products available on the Lovense website.

This review contains affiliate links. So, not only will you get a quality product, you’ll be supporting my work as well!